Meet Sousuke, our protagonist. He's just your average student, living in a rural town. Ever since his father remarried when he was young, he's been living together with his little sister Nanaru.

Together with his childhood friend Maho and their other friends, they have fun geeking out at school in the Otaku Club (or the "BC," as they like to call it).

Sousuke enjoys those tranquil, peaceful days... But then one day, only one month before summer break, that peace is shattered.

"I've missed you so, so much... Nii-san!!"

It's his blood-related little sister! His beloved little sister, who had gone with their mother after the divorce, and she's back! Suzu silently flaunted her status as the 'real' sister at school, at home, and out around town, while stepsister Nanaru was just left feeling awkward and out of place.

Stepsister Nanaru: "It's too late to come in here claiming to be the 'real' sister, I've already trained him, hohoho."

Real sister Suzu: "Fine! I'll just RE-TRAIN him!!"

"This is bad. This is VERY bad. My sisters are going completely haywire!"

But if that wasn't bad enough for our poor protagonist, now some upperclassman called Shiina, who 'forced herself' to fall in love with Sousuke at first sight, appears! And if you thought the childhood friend Maho was still normal, too bad! She's acting slightly bonkers too. What is our poor protagonist going to DO?!

This is only the beginning of a wacky, zany love triangle fiasco hot enough to cool the summer heat (no guarantees).



Komorie Nanaru

"What are you doing making a poor girl lose face here? ...Just the tip. Just the tip, pretty please!"

Sousuke's "current" younger (step)sister whom he's been with since childhood.

Nanaru is a first year. She's cheerful, but innocent too, and she's a free-wheeler. She's pretty silly and weird at times, which you could probably guess from a girl who considers her raison d'etere to be cracking jokes. The vast majority of her brain storage space is used up on jokes and puns.

She has a fondness for teasing, which amplifies tenfold when her brother is the target. But that's not to say she doesn't also love having him dote on her.

Komorie Suzu

"I've been wanting to see you... for so long, Nii-san."

Sousuke's "former" younger (real) sister who he grew up with during his early childhood days.

Suzu is in her first year, just like Nanaru, and even winds up in her class when she transfers. She's a very devoted sister, who's never stopped loving her brother even after they were seperated during early childhood. She's very docile (much unlike Nanaru), as well as gentle and affectionate. She can be a little bit of an airhead, but she's a great sister, both in terms of looks and brains.

Narutaki Maho

"Ahaha! Lucky you, Sousuke! Living the life!"

The childhood friend with a fiery attitude.

Maho has been Sousuke's friend since way back in kindergarden. She's good at helping people, and has a pretty social, outgoing personality. She's also slightly overbearing, and very competitive. Sousuke actually confessed to her once in the past, but there were several misunderstandings going on which caused her to reject him. At the moment, she is his closest female friend.

Kisu Shiina

"Unfortunately for you, Sousuke-kun, I'm not giving up until you're mine!"

The upperclassman smitten with Sousuke.

Shiina is the unpredictable type; you never know what's on her mind. She's very pushy, and won't hesitate to invade your personal space. Apart from that, she loves eroge like no other. She sees the world through her eroge goggles, which is why she'll do random things such as suddenly asking Sousuke to choose from a list of choices that decide his next action.


1. What versions of the game are going to be available?
A censored version is coming to Steam, and the x-rated version will be made available through our webstore and other platforms.

2. Uncensore Patch for Steam?
Yes. You'll be able to download the patch from our website for free.

3. Are H-CGs going to be mosaic-free?
Yes, they are.

4. Release date when?
Early 2019.

5. Physical?
We don't know yet. We'll give you an update on this as soon as we've decided.